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#SeeNoEvil – serious times



At times like this we have to protect our mind set and invest into those relationships and connections that are meaningful to us

This is a crazy time of uncertainty and certain things are threatening our peace of mind, our health

We are living in a spiritual world and not just a physical / material world …..

What’s happening globally right now in 2020 Is a Takeover of life, fear and tactics and its such a time to ensure that your listening to wise, inspiring and productive conversations, especially to keep a balance of sanity….

Being sane has been a long-term ambition for me – when it comes to work, relationships, music, family I’ve always valued sanity and that’s why there be moments I share and moments I just stare.

In these moments I’m so glad I have good friends, associates, – I know people who are just amazing – however our amazing memories right now are subject to change – considering covid-19, social media and peoples scrutiny/ ongoing judgments and opinions on what’s shared  – and often many people have something to say about something

– I’m just typing and flowing – whilst conscious of my words, my thoughts, my ‘how much to share’ – ‘wear my heart on my sleeve’ transparency

Riots are breaking out in Twin cities streets and part of the U.S soil. Blood of black men are speaking out dead and alive from police brutality and racism. Some black men and people are traumatized from images shared however I know brothers you been scared from time – Us Black mothers and sisters have been crying and praying for the longest time – especially when our young ones have left earth early due to senseless crimes. And yes, I know that non-black people are feeling things too but there is a ‘but’ and at this is a time I rather people be offended then dead. We all deserve the chance to live good and live in peace.

In regards to what we see happening….

I often link these tragedies from strategies of the Willie Lynch, a slave owner who shared his method on ‘how to control black slaves’ if you review it – and filter certain outcomes and trends within my Caribbean and black diaspora communities it’s evident that the healing is still in unrest. And when you look at the historical conquests and colonizations for subjects it does have me on upset.


Then I remember Peace and Sanity – Faith vs Vanity –




#AMacbless #AMacsings #SimplyMeAmac #SimplyMe

I didn’t intend to write and post this however I have re-started my journaling. I’m in a flow of songwriting and definite flow of love…..


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