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‘Lets Connect’ Season 1 Ep 1 with Richrel and others

Following my previous blog post regarding the launch of ‘Let’s Connect’ on the 23rd day of the 3rd Month 2023 Year I’m here since last week Thursday to share an update

It was great to have my friends and others join us. We did 2 zoom meetings because Richrel was literally in between travelling and so he connected with us whilst he was at an airport. 


Watch on via my NEW you tube channel that I’ve named AMAC_Community where you can comment and subscribe.



Email – for any queries


Special thanks to Charmain Elliott, UK management for Richrel 


RichRel is a bit of a renaissance man with an athletic, artistic (actor, creator and independent artist), advocacy and professional background. His professional background includes engineering, sales, marketing, education, ministry, leadership and prior to his current role he served as the National Partnerships Manager for World Vision, and still is at World Vision. RichRel is also the President and Founder of Mission1Race
(With the founding belief that We Are Uniquely The Same; and therefore creates content, community experiences, unity based curriculum and seeks to establish diverse collaborations to advocate for, bring together and serve all.)
Information for tour in the UK in April 2023.

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Charmain Elliott is an artist/songwriter, producer, vocal trainer, holistic artist developer, artist manager, keynote speaker, show host, director and master life coach, plus more…  Also negotiates, drafts and manage artist contracts. Director for Giant Gospel Choir and Functions Band. Charmain also is a quality improvement specialist, a procurement specialist, project manager and is hailed as one of the best vocal trainers in the mainstream industry for many years, now offering a programme that supports independent artists and songwriters that encourages them to produce content and take an approach to their delivery that is purpose driven to impact change in people’s lives.

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Host, Adelaide Mackenzie Singer, Songwriter, host, launched her first album “Daily Process” at the Jazz Café in Camden, London to packed out venue and continued her success with various gigs award nominations including 2007 when she was awarded the Nina Simone “Inspirational Artist of the year. Founded open-mic event Blessed Souls UK in October 2007.  Released her second Album titled “Simply Me” in 2019.

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