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Announcing my Crowdfunding page & what I will do in exchange……

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So depending on how much you donate I can be generous too in giving back. Lets  discuss and confirm from the selection below

  1. ) Access to any Q&A with me
  2. ) Vocal & Performance workshop by zoom
  3. ) 1 to 1 Vocal & Performance session in person for London only
  4. ) Promotion of your product/Service on my social media
  5. ) Promotion of your product/Service on my website
  6. ) Special Dub plate of a song/track
  7. ) 3-4 drops / jingles
  8. ) Opportunity for you to appear in my music video in London only
  9. ) Priority appearance on open mic event session – Click here to previous advert for Blessed Souls UK event
  10. ) Opportunity to have a joint song writing session with me
  11. ) Free Signed Album CDs

It’s something I have wanted to do for a while and I hesitated. But now with a bit more time on my hands and my creative vibes ready to manifest, I know that its a good time to connect and inspire considering the season we are in. I can do this whilst raising donations towards my dreams and ambitions and be in collaborative partnership with you depending on your synergy and vibes. For more information –  Click Here to Donate via Crowdfunding 

Also please do check out my brief interview and performance with DJ Longers at AAA Seminars (Access all areas)  that I did early September – Click here to watch other videos on my youtube channel

Thanks to all the Tileyard and AAA Seminars team and special thanks to all those who tuned in live. I had a great time and the female panel discussion was awesome regarding “Women In Music: Sexism & Racism In the UK Industry” – Click here to watch the whole unedited podcast

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