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Enlightening the BODY, MIND and SOUL wellness inner de flow

Today I did an hour of stretching with basic yoga moves amazing with my phenomenal woman group and then we spoke about our Power, Holistic Healing


Some of the stretches hurt a little and one position reminded me of a ‘bad experience’ in my childhood – and when we discussed it, I was enlightened by the awesome facilitator that My body has a language of my Soul that it expresses and it also remembers – that reminds me of  ‘memory muscle’

Personally I get that I am transforming and re-connecting/expanding to my divine self and this is because I’ve been doing so much self-development work and I’m opening up to healing which includes my mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, soul, intellectual WELL-BEING


I feel myself ELEVATED and I feel awake, BLESSED and in restoring mode whilst I expand my capacity for releasing the pain that I’ve carried in all those areas as noted above – I’m releasing trauma, whilst appreciating the science of LOVE, SOUL, MIND and SPIRIT


So I say that to say this – as I share and grown and give God thanks for My GLOW…


I got into a #CreativeZone in my gift of writing for a song – here’s some lyrics I got today…. Inspired by the group and facilitator Rouchen Iloyi.


“Healing can be ugly, uprooting the pain of tragedy

Don’t be scared of what’s manifesting like gravity, our Soul levels they cry divinity

Hold the SPACE as you open and break the chains, it’s a process be patience it’s not a RACE

Intention of hurt, anger transforming to peace from trauma to VICTORY


Heaviness is REAL your grieving because your standing in the GAP

Access the POWER so your covered from the TRAPS

You have the POWER to carry the MAP- it’s in your DNA that’s why it feels like an attack

This is just a start bringing up stuff to the SURFACE

Speak out in your inner circles for the DIVINE GUIDE and PURPOSE




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